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Q&A: How to get my Dog to Stop Trying to Break Out of her Crate?

Hello, I was wondering how I could get my 1 1/2 year old pitbull to stop trying to break out of her crate? She chews the bars & the plastic piece in the bottom of it if she’s left in there all day while I’m at work. And then she chews the carpet after she’s got the plastic tore up. I’m thinking it’s some sort of separation issue maybe. Bc she sleeps with me and is never in her crate unless I’m not home (which is usually only when I’m at work from 9-5) she has destroyed every kennel I get and it’s driving me crazy! I put bones in the for her to chew on but that doesn’t make a difference. Any advice would help. Thank you!


Hello, thanks for your message. I am sure this is a question many have. how to stop a puppy/dog nipping and biting

Crate training can be tricky sometimes. You have to make the crate appealing and fun looking to your dog. You can do this by putting in different toys, smells, tastes. For example a chamomile scented toy (chamomile is good for calming dogs) a tasty, yet healthy treat, and different textured blankets.

Once your dog goes inside by himself you have to reward him, this can be with affection and a very exaggerated “good boy!”. Each time he goes in the crate by himself you should wait a little longer to reward him. Please remember rewards don’t always have to be treats. But most important thing is to get him used to being in the crate whilst you are at home so he sees it less as a punishment.

If you are to leave your dog in the crate for a long period of time you should ensure you take him for a long walk beforehand to really tire him out and get some of that energy out. Pitbull types are known to be a little hyperactive.

Is there a reason why he has to be in the crate all day while you are at work? Maybe we can work through some other issues if this is the case 🙂 Thank you for your question, I hope this helps and if you have any queries, write back.