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4 Tips For A Calmer Dog

If you have a dog that is constantly feeling anxiety, you will want to find means and ways to help them to be calmer. This is important, as anxiety issues in dogs can be bad as it can potentially affect their mental health or even destroy your furniture at home.

Here are the top 4 tips that you can employ for a calmer dog.

Getting them a dog house or dog crate
It is commonly misunderstood that the dog crate is meant to be used as a tool for punishment against the dog. This is completely untrue. In fact, the dog crate is a safe haven for the dog when your furry companion is feeling anxious. Indeed, one of the best ways to rectify separation anxiety attacks in your dog is by getting the dog to retreat into the dog crate. The dog crate or dog house creates an illusion of protection to the dog, and this helps to keep the dog calm. You can also opt to place a cloth around the dog crate so that the dog’s vision is limited too.

Frequent exercise
One good way to help dogs to calm down is by bringing them out for regular walks. It does help to keep the dog physically fit and mentally healthy too. Exercises also helps to release endorphins that will help to calm the dog’s raging nerves down too. The only caveat here is that you will need to closely monitor your dog’s condition, lest it suffer from heat stroke. Always make it a point to walk the dog only when the temperature is cooling. Avoid the late afternoons as the floor might still be hot and it can burn your dog’s paws. Also, bring along a bottle of water for your dog too.

There are certain peripherals that you can wear on your dog to help calm them down. One such peripheral is the Thundercat. The Thundercat is worn over the dog’s body to help calm their raging nerves down, and it can do so due to the slight gentle pressure that it exerts on the dog’s body. It does help to reduce the anxiety attacks on dogs when they visit the vet or even during heavy thunderstorms.

In recent years, CBD oil has been all the rage as researches found out that there are many benefits of CBD oil on dogs as well as on cats. CBD oil, or Cannabidiol Oil, is found readily in many countries in the world, especially if the usage of marijuana for medical purpose is legal. The compounds in CBD oil is able to help to keep the dog calm. If you ever wish to get the CBD oil for your dog, do ensure that you read the labels on the bottle carefully. This is to ensure that the CBD oil that you buy is made from organic ingredients. There can be unscrupulous merchants out there that add in fillers into the CBD oil, and this can be bad for the dog’s health.