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We have purchased a puppy border collie and we have had him 2 weeks. He’s almost ten weeks but we are struggling to get the collar on him.

When attempting to put his collar on he yelps and runs and hides. The only way we can get his collar on if he’s asleep.

Thank you, Natalie

Hi Natalie.

The simplest way to deal with this is to put his collar on and just leave it on.

There is no reason he can’t wear a flat collar around the house all the time, and he will soon get used to having it on.

When he is calm, busy interacting with you, or even eating, you should touch him around the collar area, and even lightly hold onto it. This will get him used to being touched around that area.

I would guess though that you will have the same issue when trying to put a leash on him.

The best thing to do with this is attach the lead when he is eating, or in the evening when he is distracted or tired, and allow him to drag it around for awhile.

Always stay near him to ensure he does not get it caught on anything. After awhile you can begin to pick the lead up and put it in your pocket so he gets used to walking around with you without any pulling on the leash. The bottom line is he finds it a bit scary to have anything put on him at this stage, so you just want to slowly get him used to it.


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