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Here at Dog Training Basics we work hard to ensure that our readers have their dog training handled so that they can get onto the fun part – living harmoniously with their healthy, happy, well-behaved hound.


Avoid this!

But sometimes, our readers find that their particular dog does something that doesn’t fall within our handy training guide. Or their dog just suddenly forgets all the time and labor intensive hours that have gone into their training and just will not come when called. For times like these we have a very special Q&A section where you can direct questions to our panel of dog training professionals, free of charge, here.

You can also browse through the questions that have already been asked here – Q&A.

You might be surprised by how many people have asked the same questions as you!

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  • I have a 6 yr old female pitbull (sweetest dog in the world) We sort of inherited her when people moved out of the house we rented they left it. She is well trained and obedient in almost every way… except… She refuses to not get on the bed and couch. Apparently her previous owners let her sleep with them and watch TV on the couch. So she’s more or less embedded with the behavior. I have caught her a few times when she wasn’t aware it was a no-no, so I sternly told her “NO” and pulled her off the couch. But now, she knows it’s unacceptable when we’re home or awake so she takes liberties when she can’t get caught. (she’s also very smart) Would you have a reputable method for teaching her the off-limits?

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