Dog Training & Puppy Training Classes In Dallas

Our Q&A guide may be helpful, but having a dog trainer in Dallas may be even better. The Dog Training Basics team have put together a list of dog training and puppy training Dallas locals to help you get your pooch on track so that the two of you can focus on what really matters – playing fetch.

First NameLast NameTelephone Number
JeffreyBrian(214) 771-1314
PattyDrom(972) 442 - 9226

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  • I need help with my 8 mo old boston. He’s out of control. No dogs want to play with him because he is all in their face and now he is starting to grab hold and not let go. A goldendoodle, great dane and pit bull puppies are all afraid of him and don’t want to play anymore. Fen weighs 17#. The other dogs all weigh over 35+ lbs.
    I’ve trained dogs and shown in obedience trials with large dogs(rottie, blue healer and numerous pit bulls.
    This is my first small dog and I have let him get by with too much.
    Can anyone help?

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