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Welcome to DogTrainingBasics.com – home to dog-lovers from around the world. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about dog and puppy training, from chewing challenges to traveling with your furry friend. It’s all here, and it’s all free.

Hopefully our collected experiences can help you raise the dog you’ve always wanted, or help a stubborn old dog learn a few new tricks. We’ve shared all of our dog training tips in a series of articles and how-to guides designed to help you establish – and maintain – the upper hand in your relationship with your furry friend.

Dog training basics - get started now!How to Train a Puppy:

How to Train a Dog:

Be sure to browse through our list of recommended books, videos, accessories and much more to make your life with your dog-child that much simpler, and, of course, you can pop over here for a some canine-flavored humor and dog memes!

Training Tips and Tricks:

Dog Training Tips

Dog Obedience Training

Free Dog Training Basics Videos

If you’d rather watch than read, be sure to visit our dog training videos section, where we showcase a collection of free dog training basics videos.





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Whether you’re a first time pup-parent or well seasoned in the art of dog raising, the Dog Training Basics team invites you to get your dog questions answered.

Visit our Q&A page for more information.

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