With the cost of vet care rising like everything else, dog health insurance is something that dog owners might want to consider. While policies vary, and you usually have to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed for you payment. Having insurance can be a good way to mitigate some of the more costly treatments for your dog, especially as he or she gets older.

If you are interested in dog health insurance, then it’s a good idea to check around and compare. Some companies are better than others about paying quickly. They can also offer many different kinds of benefits and plans. In the United States the average cost of pet insurance for a dog is $29 per month. This is an average cost. If you wish to have more extensive policy coverage, you will obviously pay more. It also doesn’t include deductibles that you would pay when you use your dog’s health coverage. Deductibles can range from as low as $0 all the way up to $1,000.

Companies also reimburse owners at different rates, depending on their chosen policy. The reimbursement rate can range from 65 percent to 100 percent, though 70 to 90 percent is more common.

Some policies will also have annual limits on how much the company will pay for your dog’s care. These limits can range from $5,000 to $22,000 at a time. It is possible to find a policy with some companies which do not have a limit.

Some companies also offer policies with routine/wellness care for your dog such as vaccinations but you can expect to pay a higher premium.

Most companies do not cover any pre-existing conditions. This means that it is often beneficial to get health insurance for your dog at a young age so he will already be covered if he develops a health problem.

Most companies do cover things like prescription medications, cancer treatments, and dental care required because of accidents, as well as chronic health conditions. Most puppies over 6 to 8 weeks old can be enrolled and there is usually no age limit.

You should always investigate any health insurance policy for your dog thoroughly. Compare plans online and check with friends to see if they are familiar with the companies. Ask about their experiences. Having dog health insurance can be very beneficial, especially if your dog is injured or develops a serious health problem. But do your homework first.

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