Dealing With Puppies That Nip and Bite

The question we are asked most often is undoubtedly this: “How do I stop my puppy from biting / nipping me?”

The answer is not simple, but we’ve laid out a few steps in this guide.

To get you started, we thought we’d summarize the main message – Dogs don’t have thumbs so they use their mouths to get your attention and explore their world.

dog-meme-no-thumbsThe best thing to do as a dog-parent is to try to understand how your dog operates so that you can bridge the communication gap and help your pup put his best paw forward. Be vocal when your pup does something that hurts you so that s/he knows what they’re doing is wrong, and then look at teaching the NICE command so they can learn to take things gently. More about that here.

Let us know how you get on!


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  • To avoid puppies to nip and chew, try toys, treats, and an assortment of toys that they can chew on, like a plastic noisy shoe, or a plastic noisy squishy ball.
    Owner of Mandy & Bella

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