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What Dogs Experience When Their Owners Go on Vacation

cc4Dog owners dread leaving their furry buddies at home alone. Bidding them goodbye and hearing them whimper in response can be heartbreaking! The only thing owners can do is to put their mind at ease, knowing they’ll eventually return home.

But this is actually more than just missing each other. IFLScience elaborates on how much stress your dog goes through when it realizes it is left alone. It was revealed that the first 30 minutes of isolation is the most stressful for your pooch. For some dogs, however, the stress remains until the owner comes home.

You can detect the increase of stress levels by observing the dog even before you step out the door. Pet scientist Alice Potter explained, “The most common behavioral signs of separation-related behavior are destructive behavior often targeted at the door the owner leaves through, various types of vocalizations (howling, barking and whining), defecating and urinating.” Other signs are more subtle, like pacing and excessive salivation. Dogs may urinate as well to relieve the stress.

No matter how frequently you leave the house, your canine friends might still find it difficult to get used to being left alone. But they will pick up the cues that tell them you’re about to leave such as getting the keys, walking towards the front door, putting shoes on, and more. Once they are familiar with these signs, the stress then settles in earlier. Just like humans, some dogs handle it better than others.

There are several ways to make the situation less stressful for dogs. We’ve shared some advice here on DTB on how to keep clingy dogs comfortable when left alone. The gist is to train your dog in such a way that he or she will get used to not being around you. You can achieve this by rewarding them when they stay put. It’s also recommended to leave a lot of dog toys to keep them occupied. This way, there will be less destruction on house furniture.

Another great way to lower a dog’s stress levels is to take him or her out for a walk before you leave. Exercise can help calm the dog by tiring him or her out, meaning he or she may take a nap while you’re away. This can also keep the dog’s brain healthy, in the same way a person feels exhilarated after a good workout. In case you’ll be too busy to do this on your own, BetaKit suggests an alternative would be to get in touch with a dog walker. They mentioned Go Fetch as an example, which allows owners to browse through profiles of “walkers”. This is to give an owner the chance to assess the person, which is a potentially good match for their beloved pet. As for your part on the other hand, you must first consider if your pup is well-socialized.

Realistically speaking, you can’t always take your dog with you in every vacation. Thankfully for times like these, solutions such as the ones highlighted above can help alleviate your fur baby’s separation anxiety.

Bet on Dota 2 and Win Money!

Betting on Dota 2 is one of the most popular eSport games to bet on and for very good reasons! Not only has the game come to be among the most popular in the MOBA genre, but it has professional championships held with prize pools that blow off any other eSport match’s winnings out of the sport! With lots of these fantastic tournaments to place Dota two bets on, it is the ideal way to up the delight of this highly competitive and action packed matches happening.

The option to bet on the game has at least been around since 2011, which is when the Dota 2 betting site Pinnacle had their first bet on Dota two taken. Since that time betting on the game has skyrocketed and it’s nowadays feasible to come across bets on Dota 2 games on more or less every eSport betting website.

If you’re trying to find the great real money or skin betting Dota 2 operator, then we have a dedicated section to the top 5 Dota 2 betting sites that we highly recommend checking out. In the following guide we’ll cover other critical things related to Dota 2 betting, such as the way to achieve success with your Dota 2 bets, what interesting markets you’re ready to find of the game and a whole lot more!

Becoming successful in Dota 2 betting

A lot of us mainly opt to place Dota 2 bets for pure amusement functions as it raises the excitement when viewing professional Dota 2 matches going down. There are however also the ones that are attempting to earn a living out of the betting and would like to make the most of their profits as much as possible. Regardless of what category you belong on your own, we could probably agree that using a won Dota bet and making a small extra consistently brings a fantastic feeling.

To be an effective bettor on Dota 2, there are a whole lot of things to take into account. The most basic ones do nevertheless include acquiring as much knowledge as you can about the sport, the games being played and the skilled teams that you are betting on. This does for example mean checking out preceding match history that the two teams have had against each other and the matches they’ve recently played against other resistance.

Additionally, it includes just placing Dota 2 bets which are profitable for you in the long term, which is carried out by producing your own predictions, transforming them into odds and then opting to place your bets on chances that are greater than the ones you have called yourself. This probably sounds a lot tougher than it really is. Should you browse yourself to our part of Dota 2 betting hints you will find it explained in detail. Here you will also receive a deeper understanding about the study you can do to increase your knowledge and make better predictions.

In addition to the aforementioned, you need to always look at betting with a fantastic bonus when you’ve got the possibility to achieve this as this may have a fantastic positive impact on your gains. Not all supplies are as precious as they all come with specific terms and conditions that can be more or less valuable, but as you’re able to receive extra money which can be turned into a withdrawable balance, they can be very useful.

In this you’ll come across some extremely valuable welcome offers that are guaranteed to increase your gains. Additionally, it is recommended checking out our section with temporary campaign offers as these aren’t only confined to fresh registering players like the additional bonuses are.

With this you will have a dedicated amount of money to use on Dota two bets that’s separated from all of your rest. As the point with a bankroll is to never completely lose the money, you have to deal with it with care and set limitations so that you don’t spend too much on a single Dota bet, even though it may seem like an easy win.

It is a good thing to have this bankroll saved on an e-Wallet such as Neteller or even Skrill. The cause of this is that you would like to bet on a lot of different sites to make sure that you get the best possible chances on your bets every time (these always vary from 1 site to another). As Neteller and Skrill are the fastest ways to deposit and withdraw cash, they are as made for transferring your equilibrium between betting websites.

Markets when placing Dota 2 bets

As Dota two gambling is one of the most popular options when it comes to eSports betting, it’s to no surprise that there is a really wide choice of distinct markets to select from. In the below list we’ve gathered the huge majority of those who you’re able to come across. Please do nevertheless note that all these won’t always be available with every eSport operator as the quantity of entertaining markets offered can differ a lot from 1 site to another. If you are interested in understanding where you can locate a particular market or what operator gets the best coverage of these, we highly recommend checking out our guide about the top bookmakers for entertaining markets around Dota two .

You also need to bear in mind that even if an operator has offered a industry before, it will not always be a available for every single match. When it is a frequent type it is quite probable that you’ll find it offered, however there are also special markets which are generally only offered on certain tournaments heading down.

The near future of betting on Dota two

The potential of setting Dota 2 bets is now looking very bright. Ever since the game has been released, betting on Dota 2 has been steadily increasing. These tournaments are nevertheless just pocket money in comparison with this grandmaster tournament of them all, ” The International.

The International is the tournament that has really opened the eyes of the betting sector and created the prevalent choice of Dota 2 betting available. Back in 2011, once the tournament was initially introduced, it had a prize pool of $1,600,000.00. This was the same for 2012. These tournaments were held until Dota two was actually published. When it was in 2013, a direct effect could be noticed as the prize pool was nearly doubled.

Back in 2014, when Valve (the programmer of this game) had had a few times to truly establish the game, we saw the prize pool growth into an amazing $10,923,977.00, which made The International the biggest eSports occasion by prize money. This record was however not held very long as it was beaten another year using a shocking prize pool of $18,428,613.00. This was subsequently once more topped in 2016 with a prize pool which almost reached $21 million and recently set new records using the 2017 prize pool of almost $24 million.These prize pools are definitely showing how Dota two is rising as an eSport. The total fascination with eSports betting is rapidly increasing, which naturally includes Dota 2 betting. As you may already know, the eSports business is predicted to break new records in earnings this year and a lot of that money is coming from eSports betting. The eSports betting site Pinnacle released numbers in February 2017, showing how the number of eSport bets in their website had increased exponentially each year. While it took them five years to achieve their initial two million bets, the next two million took under a year.

Even though there already are a great deal of sites that are offering Dota 2 bets, we could based on the above info make confident that those that now do not soon will follow also. Amongst those that currently have their eyes Dota 2, we can expect to find a larger collection of markets that are entertaining later on, as well as promotions that are focused around the sport. Presently EGB is the sole Dota 2 betting site which has a specific Dota 2 promotion, but as the game and also the curiosity about betting on it is growing bigger, we will surely find out more in the future.

How bets on Dota 2 Can Enhance the scene

Dota 2 betting isn’t only something which brings a great deal of joy and excitement to people, in addition to a bit of extra money if we’re great at it. It is a whole lot more than that! By putting bets on Dota two, we’re actually supporting the aggressive scene. Not necessarily directly, but with Dota 2 betting we’re a part of demonstrating the betting sites that there is an interest in it and having a developing interest there’ll become a growing amount of sponsorship deals.

The larger Dota2betting becomes, the more keen the betting sites are going to be on becoming usDota two bettors to their website so that we do not place our bets at any of the opponents. One of the simplest ways reaching us out is creating sponsorship deals with the teams, which of course is quite beneficial for them.

The growing eSports business and also the fact that Dota 2 and eSports betting overall is increasing, should obviously be reason for Dota 2 betting sites making such deals. With that said, that the Dota bets we put will still accelerate the process. It would be especially evident if competitive betting websites that are purely focused on eSports, for example Arcanebet do nicely, as this would be a clear sign to other betting websites that there is an interest in Dota2 betting along with other eSport games.

Sponsorship deals are not just the future, but that is happening. There are numerous betting sites that have made deals with professional eSport teams. The Dota 2 betting site did for instance form a sponsorship deal with Alliance at December 2016.

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If you want to find out more about Dota 2, don’t miss out reading about gameplay and each one the various Dota two game modes you can participate of, like the map community pushed Arcade.

Stop – read this before you feed your dog

Thanks to that Oreo’s advert, we all know that chocolate isn’t good for dogs, but did you know that onions are bad for dogs, too?

So bad, in fact, that they can lead to anemia in dogs. But onions aren’t the only thing to look out for – Garlic and corn on the cob can be just as dangerous.

You can find out what else your dog should not eat in this handy guide we’ve put together before you take that delicious dinner out to your pup.

Is there anything your dog cannot eat? Anything s/he loves to eat? Let us know about your pooches dietary delights in the comments below.

Consistency | Dog Training


There are a few things that you need to know before you start training your dog, but this may just be one of the most important – 850

What was the most important part of your dog training?

The Best Dog Training Advice

Last week we asked our readers to share the best dog training advice they’d ever received.


Image via here

First to share with us was Helen Nicks:

“The best dog training advice I ever received was to use a ‘Halti’ type collar to stop pulling on the lead. Worked wonders!”

Have you been given any great advice? Share it with us below!

It’s Your Turn

Every week between the Q&A’s and doggy insights we post a handy tip on our website to help you and your dog get along a little better.

Now we’re turning the tables and asking you – our loyal, dog-loving readers – to share your tips with us.

What is the best dog advice you’ve ever received?

Comment below or email us and we’ll make sure your tips are posted for the rest of our readers to learn from (with your name, of course).

And hey, if you want to throw in a photo of you and your best furry friend, you know we won’t object.


Dogs and Fireworks

sad-dogHow to keep your dogs ears safe from big bangs

Halloween is upon us, and, while it is not usually a time for big bangs and displays of light, you might encounter the odd firework or two.

Now, we all know that dogs and fireworks don’t go together, and that dogs hear things a lot louder than humans do, so we thought we’d put together a list of tips to help you and your dog through any unexpectedly bright Halloween celebrations.

The first, and perhaps the easiest thing to – but something that only works if you know the fireworks are coming – is to make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise during the day.

Make sure your dog has a safe and comfortable place to take refuge inside your house.

Try to keep your dog in a calm state – this means keeping stimulation to a minimum. Cover the crate or draw the blinds and keep him/her subdued with lots of tummy scratches. A Kong or favorite chew toy will be a good distraction, and a healthy activity for your dog.

If you must use a sedative, make sure it is something prescribed by or recommended by your vet.

Finally, make sure you prepare yourself for fireworks. Humans can easily transfer their feelings, shock or anxiety so try keep your cool.

Good luck!


Is there something that helps your dog get through festive fireworks? Let us know


Dogs & Water | How much do dogs drink?

Left to their own devices, and with a free supply of water, a dog will drink as much water as they need to without needing to behappy-dog prompted.

However, leaving a dog with access to an unlimited supply of water is not always an option… so how much water should you leave for your dog?

The type of dog you have, the size of your dog, age of your dog and general health of your dog all come into play when figuring out how much dogs drink. The basic rule is that your dog should drink an ounce for every pound s/he weighs, but this is just that, a basic rule.

There are dog breeds, like Mastiffs, that produce a lot of saliva and drink a large amount of water.

Naturally, play time and warm weather will make your dog drink a little more than normal, but it could also be a sign of illness or infection – your dog may be trying to flush out toxins.

If you’re not sure, your vet will be able to give you some advice so your pooch stays well hydrated.

Drinking a lot of water is fine, but keep an eye out for drinking far more than normal, or a lot less than normal – both signs that you need to visit your vet.

How much water does your dog drink? Do you give him/her free access to water or do you fill up a bowl as needed?

Let us know in the comments below.

My Dog Chews Everything

He licks everything, slobbers on everything, nibbles on everything and chews whatever he can drag away, but I love him, and a lot of the time he’s just being his doggy self.

Does your dog chew things? What is his/her favorite? Have you snapped any guilty-looking, mid-chew pictures? Share them with us!


Dogs and their Teeth | Healthcare


By the time your dog gets to about 2years old, s/he should have had their teeth looked at by a professional who will be able to give you an indication of how frequently to go for follow up treatment based on their findings.

It is a good idea to make home dental care a regular part of your routine to keep your dogs’ choppers in good health and your veterinary costs down.

Avoiding bones that splinter easily, and rather stick to things that are softer than your dogs’ teeth like rubber balls. Look out for treats and chews that help reduce plaque and tartar build up.

The rough texture of dry food will keep your dogs’ teeth clean, as will dry biscuits. Dental chew sticks can also be found at your local pet store.

Of course, you can also brush your dogs’ teeth. Although your dog may resist the ‘activity’ at first, but with enough repetitions it will eventually become part of normal life. If your dog protests too much you might need to go for a check-up, as there could be gum sensitivity. Make sure you get a toothbrush and toothpaste that is approved by the AVDC – a flavor like chicken will make the task a bit easier for you to administer. Dental wipes are also available as an alternate option.

To get your dog used to brushing start with massaging his or her gums for a few minutes and gradually build up to 30 minutes, holding the head firmly but not fighting.

Your dogs’ breath will also give you an indication of tooth and gum health. A particularly foul-smelling stench, loss of appetite or excessive vomiting and drinking can indicate that it is time to pay a visit to the vet. Pink gums (rather than red of white) are a sign of healthy gums.

Is there something that worked well for you and your dog? Let us know.