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Help! How to stop my from chewing?

It is natural for a dog to chew on things as it is literally ingrained into their DNA. You see, before they are domesticated as pets, dogs survive wholly on their instinct to survive, and this includes developing a need to protect itself. As such, dogs can be pretty destructive in nature, and they are not entirely to blame. Of course, inappropriate chewing of things can be destructive, especially if the dog starts to develop the habit on chew at everything in your house. Before we can go about training your dog not to chew on things, it will be good to understand why is the dog chewing in the first place so that you can use the correct remedy.

Why do dogs love to chew?

Other than their DNA, there are several reasons that contributes to this destructive behavior. Some of these problems are due to their character as well as the possibility of them having an underlying medical problem. Read on and find out if any of the following does resonate with you.


It is possible that the dogs are chewing on random things simply because they are playful. This is especially true for new puppies who are still very indifferent to objects in the house.


Not all owners will understand this though. When dogs are frightened or scared, especially by sudden loud noises that they are unfamiliar with, the dog will find ways to soothe their raging nerves, and they do so by chewing on things.

This is the same for dogs who are suffering from separation anxiety. When dogs are left alone at home, it can be pretty traumatizing for them, especially if they are too used to having humans around them hence relying on humans for attention. When left alone, they are unable to cope with the separation from their owners and will resort to chewing on items so as to alleviate their anxiety attack.

Seeking attention

Dogs can be an attention seeker too. When their owner leaves them alone without playing with them, dogs will have the tendency to destroy objects in the house as it knows that the owners will be triggered and will play with them! Cheeky little things!

Medical condition

It is possible that the dog is chewing on things due to an underlying medical condition that they might be suffering from.

How to stop dogs from chewing things

Now that we know the reasons that is contributing to this negative behavior, let us explore into the tricks that you can adopt so that you can train the dog not to chew!

Underlying medical problems

First of all, before you can start the training proper, you will need to rule out on the possibility that the dog is chewing because of an underlying medical issue. Most of the medical issue stem from a lack of a nutritional diet in dogs and hence creating a nutritional deficiency. If you suspect this might the case, always seek the advice from a vet so that you can be informed of the steps that you can take to help your dog.

Dog Proof the house

As a crucial step in training your dog not to chew things, you will need to dog proof the house so that dangerous items are kept away from the dog’s reach. This includes any food that you do not want the dog to rummage into, or even to your detergent or bleach that can be fatal if the dog consumes them. Items like shoes, socks, or even your clothing should be kept appropriately so that the dog will not chew on them.

Discourage negative chewing

When the dog starts to chew on something that it shouldn’t be chewing on, you can then use a firm tone to instruct the dog to stop. Note that you should not give your dog a treat at this point of time as the dog might associate chewing to being rewarded with a treat. Instead, you can provide your dog with an appropriate item that they should chew on, like a chew toy or something.

Having said that, there is an unorthodox method in discouraging chew in your dog. For example, if your dog has been shredding paper into pieces, one good way to discourage them from chewing is by giving them the firm scolding. After that, you can use the dog’s front paws and scoop up all the pieces of paper and throw it into the bin! We say this is unorthodox because this method might not work on all dogs.

Provide chew toys

Instead of them chewing on random stuffs due to the dog being playful, you can simply satiate their playfulness by giving them chew toys! There are many of these in the market, but the ones that we love the most is the tug-of-war toy.

Buy a dog crate

As mentioned, dogs can chew when they are suffering from anxiety issues. One good way to solve this is by providing a dog a safe haven for them to seek refuge in when the anxiety attack comes, and you can achieve this by buying a dog crate for them. The dog crate does provide an illusion that they are save and secure, and this does help to reduce the anxiety in dogs. However, note that you should not purchase a dog crate that is too large for the dog as it will not create that illusion of a safe haven. As a guideline, the dimensions of the crate should allow the dog to turn about in its place. The top of the crate should allow a maximum of two finger spacing when the dog is in a sitting position.

Playing with your dog

If your dog is seeking your attention by destroying items, you can change this behavior by playing with your dog and spending them with them. When your dog Is meaningfully engaged, they will not develop the habit of destroying things in your house. Also, when your dog is tired after a day’s activity with you, they wouldn’t have any excess energy to chew things in your house too.

How to Deal With an Easily Distracted Dog

If you notice that your dog is easily distracted by noise or by people, especially when walking on a leash, then you might have a serious problem that needs immediate rectification. This is because if your dog is easily distracted, there is a high chance that it will take off in the direction of the noise. This can be a potential problem, since the dog might fall into ditch or even into on coming traffic. As such, there is a need to rectify the issue so that you can protect the dog.
Here’s how to get dog to focus on you…

The best way to stop a dog from being distracted is actually by training them! By training them, you will be able to command the hyper dog to react to your command. However, when it comes to training these hyper dogs, the owners will always notice that it can be difficult trying to get the dog to focus. The dog will get excessively energized because of the objects that are not a usual sight in the house. When the excessive energy builds up in them. It will actually cause the dog to lose focus and such as such it will be in a state of chaos!Indeed, there are just a few main reasons why the dog simply cannot focus!

Focus: They prefer the random animal running across the street than you.

Relationship: The dog does not trust you and hence have a lousy relationship with you.

Communication: You are speaking Greek to the dog and she simply cannot understand you.
If you are able to solve all three problems, your hyperactive dog will be able to focus on you whenever you call for it. And the best way to do it is via a proper training session.

To do so, you can rely on your usual commands such as stop or stay to help the dog to focus their attention onto you. If the dog responds to your command, you should reward it with a treat! Otherwise, you can use a firm voice to voice out the command while using your finger and point at the dog. This will help the dog to focus its attention onto your finger. Eventually, your dog will start to respond to your commands.

Of course, if the dog is still restless, then it will mean that having multiple short training sessions will be useful. Also, you should include a healthy dosage of patience so that your dog receives the best form of positive training from you. Note that you should not vent your anger on your favourite pet at all times as it will be detrimental to the training process.

To wrap things up, all dogs can be trained to focus on you rather than to be distracted by random objects that appears. It does take you some time and effort to train the dog so that they can respond to your commands. In time to come, your dog will stop running away from you just because of the random animal that appears in front of their eyes!

How to Teach Your Dog to be Calm

Does your dog have an anxiety problem? Does your pet seem unusually nervous, jumpy or agitated? If you’re at a complete loss, looking for answers wherever you can find them, don’t worry! The basic guidelines listed below will help you well on your way to a calmer pet!

Step One: Identify the Cause
Before you can even begin to properly treat any unwanted dog behavior, whether it be anxiety or something else, you’ll need to figure out the ‘why’. What exactly is causing your pet to feel the way he does? What changed in his environment? Once these questions are answered, you’ll have a much easier time treating the problem without fumbling around in the dark.

Step Two: Exercise
In most cases, hyperactivity is simply a result of too much energy. If a dog isn’t given an outlet for that energy, he can become destructive, run ‘zoomies’ around your house, or perform a number of other unwanted behaviors. For example, Siberian Huskies, a breed with a near unlimited energy level, have been known to dig holes, jump fences or even become a threat to other small animals if not exercised.

Take walks
Work on agility training
Play fetch, hide & seek, or tracking games
Visit the dog park
Invite other dogs over for a play date
Consider obedience/dog/puppy classes
Provide plenty of interesting toys to play with.

Step Three: Behavioral Training
Ignore attention seeking behavior. For example, if your dog jumps on visiting company, he is seeking acknowledgement from them. One of the best ways to cope with that particular type of behavior isn’t to correct the dog, but to turn your back to him, completely ignoring the pup and pretending he isn’t there. If you don’t acknowledge him, eventually he’ll learn his attention seeking behavior isn’t working.

Counter Conditioning & Positive Reinforcement
Teaching skills like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ can be rewarded with something the dog enjoys, like treats. If your pup doesn’t like to sit still, try offering an incentive!

Keep Emotions in Check
Dogs judge a situation by the reactions of their human owners constantly, almost certainly more than you think. Yelling, frequent crying or other excess displays of emotion serve only to increase your pet’s anxiety.

Eliminate Distractions
A loud, busy environment with loads of noisy kids running around, crowds of people, or other animals playing, for example, will make it all the more difficult to calm your pet. It is much easier to keep your furry one calm in a calm situation. The same rule applies with dog training in general, and is valued by most professional trainers.
Step Four: Seek Medical Attention
Sometimes, a dog’s anxiety level becomes so extreme, he is at risk for harming himself or others. If nothing else seems to work, you’ll want to talk to your veterinarian, and discuss the need for an accredited animal behaviorist.

If it is a medical issue causing your pup’s strange behavior, your vet can help. The might even prescribe mood altering medications for your pet, in order to calm the animal and prevent injury.

Durable Chew Toys for Aggressive Dog Behavior

Aggressive dog behavior can come up at any age. Apparently, uncontrollable chewing can develop ever since dogs get their permanent teeth and gums begin to feel uncomfortable. From then on, it’s a matter of training and promoting good behavior.

However, you should take not that aggressive dogs are the ones that spend a lot of time alone, don’t entirely consume their energy and end up barking and chewing excessively, as well as being violent towards other dogs. Owners of such temperamental furry friends are in a constant and sometimes unsuccessful search for durable chew toys.

Chew toys have a few advantages that you shouldn’t ignore. They keep a dog busy while consuming their energy. Also, they are mostly optimized to support dog gums and healthy teeth. You might know this, as well as the fact that some toys turn out to be less than durable or indestructible.

7 Durable Chew Toys for Your Aggressive Animal Friend

Below you can find seven of the chew toys that qualify as the most durable ones in the field. If you have more dogs or look for solutions that fill your house with options, you should dig into the ToyPetReviews chart of other favorite indestructible chew toys. Let’s see some durable chew toys that you can find almost anywhere and promise to even last ten times longer than the average ones!

West Paws Zogoflex Zisc Tough Flying Disc Dog Play Toy
A disc might not be the ideal house that you want around your home, as the dog can use it while you’re away and harm furniture items. However, this flying disc dog toy promises to calm your dog down while you’re in the park.

Cesar Millan says that a tired dog is a happy one. Medium to large-sized breeds enjoy fetching game, and this orange-colored disc takes it to the next level. The toy is lightweight, and it’s also suitable for the water-loving dog. The toy is BPA and phthalate free and dishwasher safe. It flies far as it’s made of hard plastic that softens in the dog’s mouth.

Kyjen Squirrel Squeaker Mat
I’m guessing you didn’t expect a plush toy in this chart. The Kyjen Squirrel Squeaker Mat is excellent for small to medium-sized dogs that have aggressive behavior. Squeaking toys are attractive. This one particularly comes with a long-lasting squeaking interior design that promises to last as much as the dog’s interest towards playing.

The toy comes with no stuffing that the dog can swallow after tearing the mat apart. However, in the meantime, he or she might get distracted by the multiple squeakers that the toy comes with.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy
If you have an aggressive chewer, then you might have heard of Kong’s collection of toys adjusted for all breeds. Its most indestructible (no toy is entirely indestructible, but these ones get pretty close) items come in five sizes.

The Kong Extreme toys are ultra-strong and durable and versatile enough to suit both indoors and outdoors. Also, they come with a hole that helps you stuff the toys with treats that keep dogs busy for longer. You can purchase such a toy for small, medium and large-sized dogs, including breeds with stronger teeth than others.

Elk Antler Healthy Chew
Many dogs – especially puppies – consider treats as toys. That’s why this chart includes the Elk Antler Healthy Chew that lasts longer than others and leaves less mess and odor, according to Amazon reviews. It’s a natural eco and dog-friendly premium treat that was handcrafted to look and taste attractive.

The bone contains calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamins, minerals, and phosphorus to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. The bone is even naturally colored in brown for an attractive effect. You can consider this bone as an item to integrate into the dog’s dental care.

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll 8 Inch Ball with Rope
The Jolly Pets-made toy works for large breeds that enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. The brand has a history of creating extreme toys since it began by developing products for horse entertainments and developed into focusing on solutions for hard chewing.

This ball is designed for throwing, carrying, launching, kicking and much more. So, it can successfully accomplish the laborious tasks of dog fun. The toy also floats on water and dries quickly, as it’s made for non-toxic Polyethylene plastic. Manufacturers recommend it especially to owners of Labs.

Benebone Bacon
This is one of the best and durable chew toys that keeps dogs from choking while playing. The toy was engineered using a Y-shaped design to fit the pet’s jaw. It’s also flavored with bacon that lasts through long chewing sessions.

The toy works for all medium to large breeds, and you can even grip it while the dog plays. The money you spend buying these durable chew toys goes to the company’s initiative to support animal welfare.

Thank dog – the chew we’ve all been wishing for has finally arrived! Pup owners know how quickly their precious pooches can choke. Why risk it with a biscuit? The Benebone is engineered for safe and extended lasting chewing. Benebone chews are made in the USA, and every sale supports animal welfare.

FurryFido Treat Dispensing Smart Interactive Dog Ball
This 4.5-inch ball helps your dog stay entertained and exercise while consuming his or her energy. You can use the ball for dogs which are kept outdoors or in the backyard. The toy comes in sturdy silicone that makes a squeaky noise when moved around.

The ball can be stuffed with dog goodies. So, if your dog behaves during the daytime, you can let him or her play with the ball, and stuff it with treats for a quality-time ritual when you get home.

Wrapping Up

These toys were specially engineered and designed to face the teeth of dogs with aggressive behavior, regardless of size and breed.

Pick your dog’s potential favorite and watch them play around and consume energy!

Q&A: Why will my dog only potty inside?

husky-puppyBuffy was doing great at our previous home in terms of going potty outside. She had a fenced in backyard and went without any issues. She had accidents inside the house, but they were always close to the door to the backyard. We had to relocate to a downtown apartment last week. She walks on her leash 3 times a day and refuses to go potty outside. There is a dog park near our apartment we take her to on these walks where she can run free, and she still refuses to go there! She will only go to the bathroom inside our apartment. She goes on walks with her older dog sister Bella. We have reinforced pottying outside by giving Bella treats each time she goes outside, and we make sure to do this so Buffy can see Bella getting the treats as reward for pottying. We are at our wits’ end! Spanking, yelling, saying no, walks, and sitting at the dog park for 30 to 45 minutes are all NOT working!~Caroline

Potty training can be a difficult task, especially with smaller dog breeds – somehow it takes more time for smaller dogs. For the owner of Buffy I would recommend to take a step back and basically forget how good Buffy was in her previous home. Use a potty pad, but do the regular 3 times a day walks, just like the potty pad wasn’t there. Put the pad relatively close to the door, easily reachable for Buffy, and make sure she feels safe. At first, if an accident happens anywhere else than the pad, put it on the pad and leave it there for half an hour before changing the pad – but clean the place where the accident was immediately.

NEVER shout and get angry with the pup when accidents happen.

Pottying is a time when the dog is very vulnerable. She is there, doing her thing, and couldn’t immediately run away if there were danger. That’s why many dogs look in their owners eyes when pooping. To make sure they are safe. It may be ridiculous to us, but it is serious to them. Give her time to get used to the new place, the new smells, the new objects, the sounds of traffic, meeting other dogs and stuff like that. Do everything you can to make sure that only good things happen on walks. If she is good with the potty pad, you can take one with you on walks, because it is familiar to her, and she may do her thing on that outside (some people won’t understand, but it’s about you and the pup, not them).

The other thing is timing. Always go on walks around 20-30 minutes after eating. On this walk, Buffy shouldn’t run and jump, because it can mess up her digestion, but this is the time it is most likely that she needs to pee or poop.

Don’t let food out for the day, there should be 2 (if she is more than a year old, one, if she is less than half, 3) times when she gets food, and if she doesn’t eat it, you should put it away. Don’t worry, in some days she will learn that this is the time to eat, she won’t starve herself.

With only this much information, these are the best advice I can give.

(Btw reinforcing the other dog when she potty outside is a very good thing 🙂 )

Q&A: How long should we use the pee pads?

We are picking up our new Yorkie puppy in 2 days! She is 8 weeks. She’s been using a pee pad in her current home and has done very well, meaning going on the pad exclusively. But this week has pooped a couple of times off the pad and out of the pen area. That’s her history. We want to train her to go outside. My question is do we train her first to use pee pads in our house and then later to switch to outside? And if so how long do you use the pee pads before switching to outside? I’m hoping you say skip the pee pads and just start training her outside right away. This has been an on-going debate in our family of four.~Heather

It is always preferable to train the puppy outside initially so he does not begin a habit of eliminating in the house. To do this you must be willing and able to take the puppy outside frequently throughout the day, ideally after eating meals, for about 20 minutes or until he goes, first thing in the morning and before bedtime. Until the pup gets the idea you will also have to take him out every hour or two. It is helpful to train him to ‘go’ on a newspaper so that he understands more easily what to do. So the first time he goes outside, slip a paper under him when he urinates so it catches some of his odor. Then next time, take the same paper and let him sniff it to get the idea, place it on the ground and keep taking him back to it until he goes on it. This will take patience and you can expect to take up to two weeks for him to really start being reliable about it. Present ‘used’ paper to him at first until he gets the idea. Then gradually reduce the size of the paper until it is no longer needed, Observe your puppy through the day so you get to know his internal schedule of elimination, to avoid mistakes.

Because your puppy has been going on puppy pads, start by placing a paper over the pad and let him use it. Then begin the outdoor training.

Puppies cannot hold their urine as long as grown dogs, so keep this in mind. He may have accidents overnight. Many people keep pups in a comfortable crate overnight as they do not like to soil close quarters. Do not let him wait too long in the morning to go out – it’s worthwhile setting the alarm at the beginning and avoiding mistakes in the house!


Q&A: Help! My Dog is Afraid of Trash Bags!

We have adopted a rescue dog that has obviously been abused in the past. One of her greatest fears is large, black, plastic bags. It makes it difficult to walk her on trash collection days when a number of homes have a big, black bag sitting by the curb. She balks at walking past them. We need to zig zag back and forth across the street to avoid them. What is the best way to teach her that she no longer needs to fear these big, black trash bags? ~Alice

First of all, congratulations on your newest family member, and thank you for adopting a rescue dog! These dogs, regardless of breed, often have unique issues that may take time to overcome. Also, not knowing the dog’s full history can make it difficult to identify potential challenges until they arise, seemingly out of nowhere.

It’s important to remember that the reaction is based on association. Pavlov conditioned his dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell. Similarly, it sounds as if your rescue has a conditioned response to large, black, plastic bags. Fortunately, conditioned responses can often be successfully removed or redirected with patience and consistency.

For this situation, we suggest overcoming the fear in stages.

Begin by purchasing a box of the bags that affect your dog. Place the box on the ground in an area that your dog considers to be a safe location, and allow her to smell, examine, and interact with the box. Observe her reactions, and provide soothing encouragement and treats once she exhibits the behavior you desire. Repeat for several days until you are satisfied with her response.

Next, take out one plastic bag and lay it flat on the floor. Again, allow her to smell it, examine it, and interact with it (safely and under supervision, of course!). The goal is to show her that there is nothing to fear. At the same time, practice walking around the flat trash bag. Put her on the leash and practice walking past it, next to it, and even over it in the safety of your home or yard.

From there, you can progress to filling the bag, then setting up an obstacle course in your yard with several bags. Eventually, you’ll be able to progress to confidently walking the neighborhood on trash day.

Remember that your attitude and reaction are vitally important during walks. You are the alpha dog in her pack, and she will follow your lead. Exude confidence and control, and she will trust you and follow suit. Before you know it, running from trash bags will be a distant memory!

Dota 2 Betting Guide

DOTA 2 has been around with the top MOBAs along with League of Legends for years. Since the prize pools for The International have skyrocketed in recent decades, the gaming interest improved exponentially. Together with the fast approaching International 8, is ready to fully cover the most anticipated tournament of the year with pre-match and live odds. The Group Stage matches will be announced shortly and will give you all that’s needed for a superb betting experience. For many DOTA 2 betting lovers that want to gain more knowledge on the gambling side of it, we’ve prepared a list of those markets we provide you for gambling.

Here you go with the Live and Pre-match markets which are available for betting on

Live markets

  • 2 Way Market (Match Winner): This team will win the entire game as per official tournament rules.
  • Who wins Map 1? Economy: This team will win only Map 1 and the final result won’t have any effect on this bet.
  • Who wins Map 2? Market: Which team will win just Map 2 and the final outcome will not have any effect on this wager.

Market: What variety of matches will be played until the winner at the game is determined.

Market: In games played at the very best of 3 format, will there be a 3rd game played or one of those groups will win 2:0.

Market: In games played at the best of 5 format, will there be a 5th final game played one of those teams will win before that (3–1;3–0;0–3;1–3).

  • Correct Score – Economy: What will the suitable score be. Example – 2–0;2–1;0–two;1–2.
  • Map Gain – Market: Similar to correct score – what will be the last outcome. Case in point –“Team A -1.5” means that Team A will win 2–0; the contrary –“Team B +1.5” means that Team B will acquire at least 1 map. On the contrary –“Team A +1.5” means that staff usually means that Team A will win at least 1 map; the other opposite result –“Team B -1.5″ – Team B will win the match 2–0
  • Handicap – Fundamentally the same as Map Advantage but is largely used for Best-of-2 matches. Case in point: results can be”Team A -1.5″ and Team B +1.5″. Should you gamble on”Team A -1.5″ and Team A win both maps, you will win. Should you gamble on”Team B +1.5″ and Team B wins a minumum of one map – you’ll win your bet.
  • Team A or B to succeed at least 1 map – Economy: Will the team win at least 1 map out of the entire game. Much like”Team A +1.5″.
  • First Blood – Market: Which group will land a kill first. Case in point – If you bet on Team A and they deal damage initially but concede the first kill, then your bet will be lost.
  • First to ten Kills – Economy: Which group will kill 10 opponents first. You are able to follow this to the scoreboard during games.
  • Total Kills – Market: The amount of total kills will be landed during the sport. Example – Results can be”Over 47.5″ and”Under 47.5″. If you place a wager on”More than 47.5″ and the game finishes 28–22 in kills (A total of 50 kills) you may win.
  • Odd/Even Kills – Economy: Will the complete kills landed throughout the sport be an odd or an even amount. Example. If you put your wager on”Odd” and the match finishes 16–11, you’ll win your bet because 16+11=27 and 27 is and strange number.
  • Total Time – Economy: Just how long will the game last? Case in point –“More than 35:00″ and”Under 35:00″ can be potential results. If you place a wager on”Over 35:00” and the match ends after 38:21, you will win your wager.

Pre-match Markets

  • two Way Market (Match Winner): Which team will win the whole game as per official tournament rules.

Market: Which team will acquire only Map 1 and the final outcome will have no impact on this wager.

Economy: Which team will win only Map 2 and the final result will have no impact on this wager.

Market: What variety of games will be played until the winner at the game is decided.

Market: In matches played at the best of 3 format, will there be a 3rd game played one of those teams will win 2:0.

Market: In matches played at the best of 5 format, will there be a 5th closing game played one of the teams will win before that (3–1;3–0;0–3;1–3).

  • Correct Score – Market: What will the suitable score be. Example – 2–2;2–1;0–two;1–2.
  • Map Gain – Economy: Similar to score – what is going to be the final outcome. Case in point –“Team A -1.5” signifies that Team A will win 2–0; the contrary –“Team B +1.5” signifies that Team B will acquire 1 map. On the contrary –“Team A +1.5” signifies that staff means that Team A will win 1 map; the other opposite outcome –“Team B -1.5″ – Team B will win the game two –0.
  • Handicap – Fundamentally the same as Map Advantage but is mainly used for Best-of-2 matches. Case in point: results can be”Team A -1.5″ and Team B +1.5″. Should you gamble on”Team A -1.5″ and Team A win both maps, you may acquire. Should you gamble on”Team B +1.5″ and Team B wins at least one map – you will win your bet.
  • Team A or B to win at least 1 map – Market: Will the team win at least 1 map out of the whole game. Same as”Team A +1.5″.
  • First Blood – Economy: Which group will land a kill . Example – If you bet on Team A and they deal damage first but concede the very first kill, your bet will probably be lost.
  • First to 10 Kills – Market: Which team will kill 10 opponents first. You are able to follow this on the scoreboard during games.
  • Total Kills – Market: How many complete kills will probably be landed through the sport. Example – Results can be”Over 47.5″ and”Under 47.5″. If you place a bet on”More than 47.5″ and the game ends 28–22 in kills (A total of 50 kills) you will win.
  • Odd/Even Kills – Market: Will the complete kills landed throughout the game be an odd or an even amount. Example. If you put your bet on”Odd” and the game ends 16–11, you’ll win your bet because 16+11=27 and 27 is and strange number.

Total Time – Market: Just how long will the game continue? Example –“Over 35:00″ and”Beneath 35:00″ can be potential outcomes. Should you put a wager on”Over 35:00” and the game finishes after 38:21, you’ll win your wager.

What Dogs Experience When Their Owners Go on Vacation

cc4Dog owners dread leaving their furry buddies at home alone. Bidding them goodbye and hearing them whimper in response can be heartbreaking! The only thing owners can do is to put their mind at ease, knowing they’ll eventually return home.

But this is actually more than just missing each other. IFLScience elaborates on how much stress your dog goes through when it realizes it is left alone. It was revealed that the first 30 minutes of isolation is the most stressful for your pooch. For some dogs, however, the stress remains until the owner comes home.

You can detect the increase of stress levels by observing the dog even before you step out the door. Pet scientist Alice Potter explained, “The most common behavioral signs of separation-related behavior are destructive behavior often targeted at the door the owner leaves through, various types of vocalizations (howling, barking and whining), defecating and urinating.” Other signs are more subtle, like pacing and excessive salivation. Dogs may urinate as well to relieve the stress.

No matter how frequently you leave the house, your canine friends might still find it difficult to get used to being left alone. But they will pick up the cues that tell them you’re about to leave such as getting the keys, walking towards the front door, putting shoes on, and more. Once they are familiar with these signs, the stress then settles in earlier. Just like humans, some dogs handle it better than others.

There are several ways to make the situation less stressful for dogs. We’ve shared some advice here on DTB on how to keep clingy dogs comfortable when left alone. The gist is to train your dog in such a way that he or she will get used to not being around you. You can achieve this by rewarding them when they stay put. It’s also recommended to leave a lot of dog toys to keep them occupied. This way, there will be less destruction on house furniture.

Another great way to lower a dog’s stress levels is to take him or her out for a walk before you leave. Exercise can help calm the dog by tiring him or her out, meaning he or she may take a nap while you’re away. This can also keep the dog’s brain healthy, in the same way a person feels exhilarated after a good workout. In case you’ll be too busy to do this on your own, BetaKit suggests an alternative would be to get in touch with a dog walker. They mentioned Go Fetch as an example, which allows owners to browse through profiles of “walkers”. This is to give an owner the chance to assess the person, which is a potentially good match for their beloved pet. As for your part on the other hand, you must first consider if your pup is well-socialized.

Realistically speaking, you can’t always take your dog with you in every vacation. Thankfully for times like these, solutions such as the ones highlighted above can help alleviate your fur baby’s separation anxiety.

Bet on Dota 2 and Win Money!

Betting on Dota 2 is one of the most popular eSport games to bet on and for very good reasons! Not only has the game come to be among the most popular in the MOBA genre, but it has professional championships held with prize pools that blow off any other eSport match’s winnings out of the sport! With lots of these fantastic tournaments to place Dota two bets on, it is the ideal way to up the delight of this highly competitive and action packed matches happening.

The option to bet on the game has at least been around since 2011, which is when the Dota 2 betting site Pinnacle had their first bet on Dota two taken. Since that time betting on the game has skyrocketed and it’s nowadays feasible to come across bets on Dota 2 games on more or less every eSport betting website.

If you’re trying to find the great real money or skin betting Dota 2 operator, then we have a dedicated section to the top 5 Dota 2 betting sites that we highly recommend checking out. In the following guide we’ll cover other critical things related to Dota 2 betting, such as the way to achieve success with your Dota 2 bets, what interesting markets you’re ready to find of the game and a whole lot more!

Becoming successful in Dota 2 betting

A lot of us mainly opt to place Dota 2 bets for pure amusement functions as it raises the excitement when viewing professional Dota 2 matches going down. There are however also the ones that are attempting to earn a living out of the betting and would like to make the most of their profits as much as possible. Regardless of what category you belong on your own, we could probably agree that using a won Dota bet and making a small extra consistently brings a fantastic feeling.

To be an effective bettor on Dota 2, there are a whole lot of things to take into account. The most basic ones do nevertheless include acquiring as much knowledge as you can about the sport, the games being played and the skilled teams that you are betting on. This does for example mean checking out preceding match history that the two teams have had against each other and the matches they’ve recently played against other resistance.

Additionally, it includes just placing Dota 2 bets which are profitable for you in the long term, which is carried out by producing your own predictions, transforming them into odds and then opting to place your bets on chances that are greater than the ones you have called yourself. This probably sounds a lot tougher than it really is. Should you browse yourself to our part of Dota 2 betting hints you will find it explained in detail. Here you will also receive a deeper understanding about the study you can do to increase your knowledge and make better predictions.

In addition to the aforementioned, you need to always look at betting with a fantastic bonus when you’ve got the possibility to achieve this as this may have a fantastic positive impact on your gains. Not all supplies are as precious as they all come with specific terms and conditions that can be more or less valuable, but as you’re able to receive extra money which can be turned into a withdrawable balance, they can be very useful.

In this you’ll come across some extremely valuable welcome offers that are guaranteed to increase your gains. Additionally, it is recommended checking out our section with temporary campaign offers as these aren’t only confined to fresh registering players like the additional bonuses are.

With this you will have a dedicated amount of money to use on Dota two bets that’s separated from all of your rest. As the point with a bankroll is to never completely lose the money, you have to deal with it with care and set limitations so that you don’t spend too much on a single Dota bet, even though it may seem like an easy win.

It is a good thing to have this bankroll saved on an e-Wallet such as Neteller or even Skrill. The cause of this is that you would like to bet on a lot of different sites to make sure that you get the best possible chances on your bets every time (these always vary from 1 site to another). As Neteller and Skrill are the fastest ways to deposit and withdraw cash, they are as made for transferring your equilibrium between betting websites.

Markets when placing Dota 2 bets

As Dota two gambling is one of the most popular options when it comes to eSports betting, it’s to no surprise that there is a really wide choice of distinct markets to select from. In the below list we’ve gathered the huge majority of those who you’re able to come across. Please do nevertheless note that all these won’t always be available with every eSport operator as the quantity of entertaining markets offered can differ a lot from 1 site to another. If you are interested in understanding where you can locate a particular market or what operator gets the best coverage of these, we highly recommend checking out our guide about the top bookmakers for entertaining markets around Dota two .

You also need to bear in mind that even if an operator has offered a industry before, it will not always be a available for every single match. When it is a frequent type it is quite probable that you’ll find it offered, however there are also special markets which are generally only offered on certain tournaments heading down.

The near future of betting on Dota two

The potential of setting Dota 2 bets is now looking very bright. Ever since the game has been released, betting on Dota 2 has been steadily increasing. These tournaments are nevertheless just pocket money in comparison with this grandmaster tournament of them all, ” The International.

The International is the tournament that has really opened the eyes of the betting sector and created the prevalent choice of Dota 2 betting available. Back in 2011, once the tournament was initially introduced, it had a prize pool of $1,600,000.00. This was the same for 2012. These tournaments were held until Dota two was actually published. When it was in 2013, a direct effect could be noticed as the prize pool was nearly doubled.

Back in 2014, when Valve (the programmer of this game) had had a few times to truly establish the game, we saw the prize pool growth into an amazing $10,923,977.00, which made The International the biggest eSports occasion by prize money. This record was however not held very long as it was beaten another year using a shocking prize pool of $18,428,613.00. This was subsequently once more topped in 2016 with a prize pool which almost reached $21 million and recently set new records using the 2017 prize pool of almost $24 million.These prize pools are definitely showing how Dota two is rising as an eSport. The total fascination with eSports betting is rapidly increasing, which naturally includes Dota 2 betting. As you may already know, the eSports business is predicted to break new records in earnings this year and a lot of that money is coming from eSports betting. The eSports betting site Pinnacle released numbers in February 2017, showing how the number of eSport bets in their website had increased exponentially each year. While it took them five years to achieve their initial two million bets, the next two million took under a year.

Even though there already are a great deal of sites that are offering Dota 2 bets, we could based on the above info make confident that those that now do not soon will follow also. Amongst those that currently have their eyes Dota 2, we can expect to find a larger collection of markets that are entertaining later on, as well as promotions that are focused around the sport. Presently EGB is the sole Dota 2 betting site which has a specific Dota 2 promotion, but as the game and also the curiosity about betting on it is growing bigger, we will surely find out more in the future.

How bets on Dota 2 Can Enhance the scene

Dota 2 betting isn’t only something which brings a great deal of joy and excitement to people, in addition to a bit of extra money if we’re great at it. It is a whole lot more than that! By putting bets on Dota two, we’re actually supporting the aggressive scene. Not necessarily directly, but with Dota 2 betting we’re a part of demonstrating the betting sites that there is an interest in it and having a developing interest there’ll become a growing amount of sponsorship deals.

The larger Dota2betting becomes, the more keen the betting sites are going to be on becoming usDota two bettors to their website so that we do not place our bets at any of the opponents. One of the simplest ways reaching us out is creating sponsorship deals with the teams, which of course is quite beneficial for them.

The growing eSports business and also the fact that Dota 2 and eSports betting overall is increasing, should obviously be reason for Dota 2 betting sites making such deals. With that said, that the Dota bets we put will still accelerate the process. It would be especially evident if competitive betting websites that are purely focused on eSports, for example Arcanebet do nicely, as this would be a clear sign to other betting websites that there is an interest in Dota2 betting along with other eSport games.

Sponsorship deals are not just the future, but that is happening. There are numerous betting sites that have made deals with professional eSport teams. The Dota 2 betting site did for instance form a sponsorship deal with Alliance at December 2016.

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