Author - Chris Quinn

Q&A: Why does my dog pee when I leaver her?

I have a 9 mo old GSD that wets her bed every time I leave her alone. Every Sunday before I leave for church, I put her in her bed with a hollowed out bone with peanut butter in it. When I return about 2 hrs later her bed is soaking wet. She is extremely excited to see me.

The weird thing is the beginning of May I went out of town for a week while the wife stayed home. The dog didn’t have any issues. Last week we had the dog out with us. My wife brought her home, put her in her bed and left. When we got back several hours later, the bed was dry.

If you can figure this out and help it would relieve a great burden. I feel confined to the house knowing I’ll have a wet mess to clean up when I return. It’s either that or take her with me. And that’s a whole new issue. Trying to get out of my truck w/o her jumping out too. Thanks for your help. ~Bob

Hello Bob; I believe I can help!

First off, it’s natural for dogs to urinate a little during moments of excitement or submission. From what you are telling me, it sounds very much like this is the case. Your GSD puppy might be showing signs of separation anxiety when you leave, the urination supporting this belief. Since you are with her all of the time, she hasn’t had much of an opportunity to grow accustomed to being left alone, and becomes nervous when you do leave.

Separation Anxiety

The urinating behavior is simply a symptom of your overall problem, Mina’s anxiety. Forget about the urinating for now; it’s this anxious behavior you want to deal with. Once Mina’s anxiety is under control, her urinating problem should follow!

It sounds like Mina’s separation anxiety orients around your absences, having little to do with your wife. Dealing with separation anxiety requires slow and consistent work. Begin by leaving Mina alone for short periods, perhaps a few minutes at a time, while you are home. It doesn’t matter if you crate her or simply close her off in another room, as long as the two of you are separated. Do this multiple times a day, for short duration every time.

Mina needs to learn that you aren’t leaving her alone for good, and will always return in time. Teach her there is absolutely nothing to worry about! Gradually begin lengthening these separations (ex. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and so on). Only begin to increase the separation periods once you’re confident she has adjusted to the current time frames you’re working with.

No emotion!

Act completely normal, like absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened at all, once you meet her again after a separation or before you isolate her. Don’t show any signs of excitement or emotion. To her, the bone with peanut butter might signify a lengthy absence on your part, so you might want to consider no longer offering a bone when you leave- at least until the anxiety is under control.

Correcting this behavior will take time, happening gradually, and shouldn’t be rushed. I hope this helps you two!

Jumping out of Truck:
This will be much simpler to fix. If I was in your situation, I would simply train Mina to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ until I’m ready to help her down. (: