Hitting, Spanking, Smacking, Slapping

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If you are considering training your dog, or any animal for that matter, you need to be aware that making angry physical contact with the animal is something that is out of the question. The only type of contact that is appropriate is of the loving kind, such as petting and stroking.

A dog learns nothing from being struck, and all that you are achieving is a venting of YOUR frustration and anger. If you get in the habit of hitting, your dog will shy away every time you raise your hand. He may also respond by snapping at you. He will see this as his only course of action. He has no other way to ask you to stop. The mouth of a dog is similar to your hand, and he will use it if provoked.

Your tone of voice is the best way to get a point across to your dog. The correct tone of voice will make your dog stop and listen, and will let him know that you are displeased with him. Your dog should see you as a leader and respect your voice. He will stop and listen when you use your voice to deliver commands.

Little pats on the butt when you play or pet them are fine, as long as they are wagging their tail and seemingly happy with the interaction. These are not the same as striking them, though.

Their thick coats will buffer the blow of a little pat when playing, so learn the limits and ever strike your dog out of anger or frustration.

These pats can also be used as a way to get attention, but they should always be accompanied by a vocal command. If you are in a hurry and he is not paying attention, a little pat and a fir “HEY” will get him listening pretty quickly. Before long, that HEY will be enough to let them know that you mean business, and that you want them to pay attention.*

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