How To Help Animals During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The current pandemic is perhaps the worst that we will ever see in our lifetime. It has brought about economic hardship to most people, and since most of us are in a lockdown stage, it has rendered us immobile for long periods of time, and there is no inking when conditions can improve. Business have come to a complete halt, and even shelters are forced to close down as many of these are run on a non-profit basis. If things do not improve, we might see more animals being put to sleep due to insufficient funds to maintain them, or some of them might be let loose on the streets, which will create a whole new set of problems for everyone else.
If you are an animal lover, or you simply wish to help the community, then read on to find out how you can help animals during the Coronavirus outbreak and how everyone’s help matters.

Volunteer at Shelters

During this tough and tricky period, you can do your bit to help the shelters stay afloat or even by offering your skills to help the public know about their plight. If you are skilled in advertising, you can offer your skills as a digital marketer to craft out compelling advertisements that can draw more attention to the shelters’ needs during the pandemic. You can also simply volunteer at the shelters so that you can spend more time with the animals as well as to support the staff in the shelters.


If you are able to spend time at the shelters, you can also opt to donate to the shelter as every penny can help to keep the shelter afloat during the Coronavirus outbreak. You can donate money so that the shelter can continue to operate, or you can choose to donate necessities such as their food or even their bedding.
Offer help to those in need

Some animals may require daily exercises, but it can be limited if the owner is under strict quarantine orders or they are under self-quarantine. If this is the case, the owner will not be allowed to bring the animal out for their daily walks, and this can be detrimental towards their physical as well as mental health. To help alleviate those, you can always offer to walk the animals instead! Of course, do practice safe-distancing, and always ensure that you are adhering to strict rules so that the owner as well as you are not breaching quarantine orders.
If you wish to you, you can also opt to foster your neighbor’s animal too this will help to prevent the animal from contacting the Coronavirus. It has been proven that dogs can also be affected by the Coronavirus, so it will be optimal if there can be someone else helping to take care of the animals while the owner is under quarantine orders.

Adopt a pet

As mentioned earlier, shelters are hit hard during the Coronavirus outbreak, and some of them might need to close down due to lack of manpower or due to a lack of funds. One good way to help alleviate this problem is by adopting the pet instead of putting it to sleep! Also, when you adopt a pet from the shelter, you are indirectly helping to lower down the cost of maintaining another pet, which will free up some funds so that there is still additional runway in hopes that the pandemic will go away soon.

Bake tasty treats

During the Coronavirus outbreak, you can help to lift up the mood in the house by baking delicious tasty treats and distributing them to your neighbors. This will be particularly useful if the owners are unable to leave house and they are running low on treats or other necessities that can keep the animal occupied.

Provide food to strays

During usual moments, strays can find food easily on the street, but when the crowd is thin, the amount of food that the strays can savage is lesser. Hence, to help these animals during the Coronavirus outbreak, you can choose to give food to these strays so that feeders are able to provide basic nutrition to the animals.


As you can see, there are many ways at which you can help animals during the Coronavirus outbreak. While some of these suggested alternatives can require time and effort, it is well worth it if it helps the animal to cope better. Pay a little more attention to them too as we try to navigate these moments with trepidation, and we will all emerge stronger from this.

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