Projects For Dogs Left Home Alone

It’s normal to have feelings of guilt when you have to go to work and leave your dog alone.

welcome-home-dogFor some people, the thought of leaving the dog alone for extended periods is too much to bear, which is why they put them in a daycare facility. All this does is help create a dog that is unable to ever be left alone for any amount of time.

Leaving dogs alone is fine, although crating is usually a good option for younger dogs. To prevent them from becoming bored or lonely, leave a few projects to keep them busy while you are away.

Here are just a few projects you can try:

Different surfaces are fun for dogs to explore. Edible bones come in all kinds of different surfaces, and it’s fun for the dog to give them all a try. It’s not a good idea to leave rope, rawhide, or any other material that can be quickly chewed up or torn apart.

Another fun project for dogs are toys that are stuffed with goodies, or a sturdy bone that has been properly sterilized before being left. You can choose what to fill these things with, such as peanut butter or squeezy. These gooey items are way better than things like chunks of cheese or other foods that may present a choking hazard. If you want to discover fun new goodies that can be placed inside the bone or toy, do a quick search online and you will find all kinds of suitable yummy treats.

When choosing a treat, always opt for one that you know that he will love, and make it something that he doesn’t get on a regular basis. If you are trying something new, give him a little taste beforehand to see how he reacts to it.

Another fun project is the “Buster Cube,” which is a device that looks like a dice, and which can be found at most good pet stores. The toy is filled with dry dog food, and will dispense said food as your dog starts rolling it around. There is no mess created with this type of food, making it a good option for dogs who are left uncrated. One thing to remember is that this food is part of the daily intake for your dog, so go with smaller portions when his regular feeding time comes around.

If you do plan on crating your dog while you are away, get in the habit of crating him for short periods while you are home. This will help reduce his stress levels, as he will not associate crating with being left alone at home.

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