The Puppy Learning Checklist

The Puppy Learning Checklist:
To be comfortable and happy in a crate whether you are home or not
To go pee and potty outside
To be respectful of human skin, which means no mouthing or nipping
To not jump up on people or furniture
To view the owner as the pack leader
To release food or objects when commanded to do so
To come when called
To be comfortable or tolerant when being handled
To leave an item on command
To be in control and not chase people, animals, or objects
To not pull when being walked
To sit, stay, and go down when commanded to
To be comfortable and well behaved when introduced to new people, places, and situations
To be comfortable and relaxed when left alone, and to not be nervous in the presence of others.
To be able to play independently from the owner
To be tolerant of other dogs
To not be overly protective of toys and food
To be quiet when commanded
To happily greet strangers without jumping or showing signs of nervousness
To not rush ahead of the owner through doorways or down stairs
To move to a new location when commanded

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