Safety Around Dogs: The Do’s & Dont’s Do’s


Never approach or pet a dog without asking the owner for permission first

A wagging tail does not always indicate a friendly dog

Be slow and careful when approaching a dog

When in contact with a dog for the first time, allow him to approach and smell you

Get to know where all the dogs in your neighborhood live

Never approach stray dogs

If you are approached by a dog, remain calm and stand as still as possible

Keep your face, neck, and arms protected at all times

If a dog attacks, hand over a book or backpack as a chewing distraction

If you go to ground in an attack, curl up in a tight ball

Keep your head and neck covered during an attack. Protect your face and head

When you encounter a strange dog, avoid eye contact and stay as still as possible

Always use a leash when walking your dog

Remain calm at all times in the presence of dogs

When you meet a dog for the first time, present your palm for him to sniff. If he seems to be friendly, you can then pet the sides of his face. Steer clear of the top of the head. Dogs that are very friendly can be petted on the shoulders or the chest.



Refrain from making loud noises around dogs

Never stare directly at a dog

Leave dogs alone when they are eating or sleeping

Do not tease or chase dogs

Never extend your hand through a fence to pet a dog

Do not put your hand in the space between two dogs

Only adults should attempt to help a hurt dog

Keep your face away from dogs

Do not enter a property with a dog without first getting consent from the owner. If you are unsure whether or not a dog is there, STAY OUT!!

Never leave an unattended baby in the presence of a dog

Leave mother dogs alone when they are tending to their puppies

Do not pull on the tail or ears of a dog

Don’t try to take a dog’s toy away from him

Do not stand over a dog that you don’t know


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