7 Things You Can Do to Find Your Lost Pet

Losing your pet is the last thing you will want to happen to you, especially if you and your pet are literally inseparable. But however careful you are, there is still the chance occurrence of you losing your pet. Indeed, in America itself, millions of dogs and cats are reported lost each year. Should you ever be caught in a situation of your pet running away from you, or if you lose your pet while walking them, fret not as there can be essential steps that you can take to find your lost pet. Here are the top 7 things you can do to find your lost pet so that your heart will not be broken.

Be calm

If you ever lose your pet, the very first thing that you will need to do is to remain calm. While it is normal to fee flustered, you will need a cool head in order to make astute decisions. Note that for every minute you spend flustered will mean your pet have an additional minute to run further away from you.

Check the vicinity first

When you notice that your pet is lost, always make it a point to check the vicinity first. Is your pet hiding behind some shrub? Or is your pet in the alleyway scavenging the trash can for food? Always check for tell tale signs that your pet might be around. This includes their leash lying around or even their personalized collar being found on the floor.

Ask around

If you are still unable to locate your pet, try asking around as a runaway pet can be eye-catching to many. If your pet is lost while you are at home with them, try going to your neighbor and ask them too.

Post Pictures around the suspected area

Assuming that the above methods have not gathered a positive response, you can then try to post pictures around the suspected area that your pet has gone missing. Ideally, the pictures should include details on how to contact you should the pet be found. If you could, put in a reward as it will be enticing for people to contact you should they find your pet.

Post pictures online

In most cases, posts about lost pets on Facebook or Instagram will likely to go viral. Should you lose your pet, one of the best alternatives in finding your pet is by posting pictures of it online and getting people to share the post. It can sometimes be more effective then putting up flyers around the suspected area.

Visit shelters or check the vet

Call up the local shelters or rescue groups as the lost pet might already be recovered and sent to the shelters. In some cases, your pet might be located at the vet as some people might not know where the nearest shelter is and decides to place your pet at the vet.

Sign up for services

There are services that automatically email your neighbors in the event that your pet goes missing. You can use services like FindToto or Lost My Doggie and you will be notified if a neighbor finds your pet!

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