21 Things Every Puppy Should Learn

We often get the question, “What do I need to teach my puppy?”. To try answer this, we’ve created the below list of what every puppy should learn. It’s by no means comprehensive, but covers the necessities.

  1. to be comfortable in a crate, both when owners are home as well as when owners are gone
  2. to potty outside (on command would be nice!)
  3. to respect human hands and skin (no nipping or mouthing!)
  4. to not jump up on humans or countertops
  5. to respect their owners as the leader of the pack
  6. to release or relinquish food, toys or inappropriate objects when told
  7. to come when called
  8. to be tolerant of handling (nail trims, cleaning ears, kids grabbing fur, taking things out of mouth, drops in eyes, giving pills, bathing, brushing/grooming…)
  9. to “leave it” when told
  10. no chasing bicycles, children, squirrels, rabbits, cars, balls…
  11. to walk without pulling
  12. to sit, down, stay, wait on command
  13. to be comfortable and under control in new or uncomfortable places such as: the veterinary hospital, groomer, boarding kennel, training class, pet store, other people’s homes (perhaps even over night!)
  14. to be comfortable if and when separated from other dogs, pets or people in their family – able to be left alone without destruction, barking or nervousness
  15. to play, chew or relax without constant contact or interaction from owner
  16. to be tolerant of and possibly sociable with other dogs
  17. to not be protective of food, bowl, crate, toys or bed
  18. to quiet barking when told
  19. to greet friends & strangers without jumping or shying away
  20. to not rush through doorways or down stairs ahead of owner
  21. to move location (even if on furniture or bed) when directed without complaint

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  • My pup has learned most of these things. Thank you for the post!

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