Dog Training 101

It’s time for your Dog Training Basics Tip of the Week – It may seem like an obvious place to start for some, but for new dog parents this one simple command can be the difference between a happy household, and one ruled by a disobedient dog. Teaching your dog to sit is the basis […]

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What Do You Recommend?

We recently added a few new sections to the Dog Training Basics website. The recommended products section is to help new dog parents train their furry friends,  the comprehensive list of dog trainers will help you get your dog off to a good start, and of course there is the Ask A Question section where […]

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Q&A: Snack Attack

Hi there, I was just wondering, my dogs have a habit of always randomly eating their bikkies when I come outside. They have free access to bikkies all day and get meat at dinner time and they’ll eat their bikkies throughout the day but if they’re laying down and I come outside they get all […]

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The Key to a Healthy Puppy

The key to a happy life with your puppy is laying a solid foundation – this starts with one simple thing – No matter where your puppy comes from, it’s advisable to have him checked out by a veterinarian within 48-72 hours of bringing him home. For more puppy tips, browse through our Puppy Guide. […]

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Q&A: My Dog Hates Her Crate

Q: We have 7 month old rescue. Was told she was crate trained.  We have tried wire and plastic crate.  Anytime I leave her in the crate alone (even just for a few minutes) she does one or more of the following: excessive salivating and vomiting, crying, barking, growling; she has chewed the plastic crate, […]

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moving house with your dog

Ensuring A Stress-Free Relocation/Move

A move to a new home is stressful on everyone involved, including the pets! Here are some ideas to help make the transition smoother. Some animals become stressed at the slightest hint of a change. Crates should be re-introduced if the dog hasn’t been in one for a while, and the crating routine should be […]

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The Art Of Effective Dog & Puppy Training

Remember when you were in school and had a favorite teacher? That teacher seemed to have a knack for helping students understand the subject matter. Those teachers who get concepts across to their students well have made teaching an ART. As in teaching humans, teaching dogs can also be an art. To take teaching dogs […]

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how to manage a frightened puppy

How To Manage A Frightened Puppy

We often get asked how best to manage a frightened puppy. If your dog or puppy becomes frightened, keep the following in mind: Never hug or softly stroke your dog and softly tell him “it’s OK”… You are praising his fear! Avoid coddling your puppy. You can be praising his uncertainty without knowing. If you […]

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The A-Z Guide To Dog & Puppy Training