Q&A: Collar Chaos

We have purchased a puppy border collie and we have had him 2 weeks. He’s almost ten weeks but we are struggling to get the collar on him. When attempting to put his collar on he yelps and runs and hides. The only way we can get his collar on if he’s asleep. Can you […]

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Q&A: My dog can’t take no for an answer

Hi DTB I am the lucky owner of a sweet, playful, energetic black lab mix named Charley (11 months old). We adopted him when he was 7 months old and put him immediately in basic training. He knows his commands, is not destructive, gets oodles of exercise and really is just a joyful, exuberant pup. […]

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Have your dog training questions answered

Here at Dog Training Basics we work hard to ensure that our readers have their dog training handled so that they can get onto the fun part – living harmoniously with their healthy, happy, well-behaved hound. But sometimes, our readers find that their particular dog does something that doesn’t fall within our handy training guide. […]

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Q&A: Is it too late to potty train?

Hi DTB I have a four month beagle puppy. We’ve had her a couple of weeks now and never confined her because I was told not to and so that she can hang out with my other dog. However, as a result, I’m having a lot of trouble to potty train her. Is it too […]

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It’s Your Turn

Every week between the Q&A’s and doggy insights we post a handy tip on our website to help you and your dog get along a little better. Now we’re turning the tables and asking you – our loyal, dog-loving readers – to share your tips with us. What is the best dog advice you’ve ever […]

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Dogs and Fireworks

How to keep your dogs ears safe from big bangs Halloween is upon us, and, while it is not usually a time for big bangs and displays of light, you might encounter the odd firework or two. Now, we all know that dogs and fireworks don’t go together, and that dogs hear things a lot […]

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The A-Z Guide To Dog & Puppy Training