How to Potty Train With Dog Doorbells

Teaching a dog to ring a bell to go outside is a great command.  It opens up communication between the dog and owner.  It provides a way for the dog to communicate it’s needs.  Sometimes the dog will ring it to potty and sometimes it’ll ring the bell just to get fresh air. I like […]

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How to Teach Your Dog to “Leave It”

I hate it when I have dog treats on me and a dog keeps nudging me physically for the treat.  Wouldn’t it be swell if there was a command for the dog to “leave it?”  Well, there is and as you probably guessed, it’s called the “Leave It” command. “Leave it” is a very useful […]

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What Dogs Experience When Their Owners Go on Vacation

Dog owners dread leaving their furry buddies at home alone. Bidding them goodbye and hearing them whimper in response can be heartbreaking! The only thing owners can do is to put their mind at ease, knowing they’ll eventually return home. But this is actually more than just missing each other. IFLScience elaborates on how much […]

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Dog Agility Training – Teaching the Proper Jump

Many people are interested in dog agility training.  However, they don’t know where to start.  Let’s start with how to teach a dog to properly jump.  For the sake of this article, we’ll be using a 24” height dog as an example. If you are going to be doing this from home then you’ll need […]

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Crate Train That Puppy With a Treat!

Crate training has become one of the major fundamentals in training your dog or puppy. From potty training to trick training, the use of a crate can be a major building block and tool to reach successful and reliable behaviors from your canine companion. The crate can be a useful tool and help manage life […]

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One Way to Reduce Dog Fights in Dog Parks

Dog fights in dog parks are very common. I have seen many personally. On rare occasions, dogs have even been killed in dog parks. There are many ways to prevent or lessen the odds of a dog fight. Today, I’ll outline one of the simplest ways. What I am going to write will sound counter […]

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Q&A: How to stop my dog from yapping when she’s excited

I inherited an eight year old Chihuahua/Poodle mix. She has energy. She likes everyone. She gets so excited when she sees other dogs that she yaps uncontrollably. How can I train her to eliminate this behavior? ~Sally … This is a common behavior issue that many dog owners face. While there  are many people who […]

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