Basic Dog Training – The 101

Crates and Crate Training

Keep your dog and house safe with this useful training tool – Read More

Fun Things to Teach Your Dog

It doesn’t always have to be about sit/down/stay/come - Read More

Checklist for Well-Adjusted, Well-Behaved Dogs

Goals to keep in mind - Read More

How to Train Your Dog NOT to Come

The right & wrong way to teach your dog to come! - Read More

Re-naming a Dog

A rescue dog CAN be renamed! - Read More

Hitting, Spanking, Smacking, Slapping

Why physical punishment doesn’t accomplish anything! - Read More

The Art of Teaching

Secrets for successful training - Read More

When will my dog be TRAINED?

What is “trained” after all? Food for thought… - Read More

Leadership Checklist

Dogs are pack animals & need leadership - Read More

Why Won’t My Dog LISTEN to me?

Hear the proper way to use commands & get results! - Read More

It All Starts with Just One Command

One simple command is the foundation of training. - Read More


How to keep “4 on the Floor” - Read More


Training tips to stop excessive barking. - Read More


How to get your dog to settle down! - Read More

Using the Leash for Control and Leadership

Why? The reasons may surprise you! - Read More

Leadership, Respect…and the Dog Food Bowl

Who’s in charge? Take control of the food bowl! - Read More

Thoughts to Ponder…

Some words of wisdom - Read More

The A-Z Guide To Dog & Puppy Training