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Crate Train That Puppy With a Treat!

Crate training has become one of the major fundamentals in training your dog or puppy. From potty training to trick training, the use of a crate can be a major building block and tool to reach successful and reliable behaviors from your canine companion. The crate can be a useful tool and help manage life […]

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Q&A: When should I reward my dog?

Hi DTB When starting reward training for recall if your dog doesn’t come on the first call but does come after a couple of calls, should you reward this? I understand that we shouldn’t growl for not coming straight away but to reward him/her for coming after a couple of calls to me. I’d be […]

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The Key to a Healthy Puppy

The key to a happy life with your puppy is laying a solid foundation – this starts with one simple thing – No matter where your puppy comes from, it’s advisable to have him checked out by a veterinarian within 48-72 hours of bringing him home. For more puppy tips, browse through our Puppy Guide. […]

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21 Things Every Puppy Should Learn

We often get the question, “What do I need to teach my puppy?”. To try answer this, we’ve created the below list of what every puppy should learn. It’s by no means comprehensive, but covers the necessities. to be comfortable in a crate, both when owners are home as well as when owners are gone […]

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How To Manage A Frightened Puppy

We often get asked how best to manage a frightened puppy. If your dog or puppy becomes frightened, keep the following in mind: Never hug or softly stroke your dog and softly tell him “it’s OK”… You are praising his fear! Avoid coddling your puppy. You can be praising his uncertainty without knowing. If you […]

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