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One Way to Reduce Dog Fights in Dog Parks

Dog fights in dog parks are very common. I have seen many personally. On rare occasions, dogs have even been killed in dog parks. There are many ways to prevent or lessen the odds of a dog fight. Today, I’ll outline one of the simplest ways. What I am going to write will sound counter […]

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Q&A: How to make my dog comfortable in his crate?

We have a 3mo old lab that every time I put into his crate he started rapidly breathing and salivating while he screams and howls, chews on the door of the crate and continues until he wears himself out. He calms down long enough to catch his breath and starts again. I have fed him […]

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Have your dog training questions answered

Here at Dog Training Basics we work hard to ensure that our readers have their dog training handled so that they can get onto the fun part – living harmoniously with their healthy, happy, well-behaved hound. But sometimes, our readers find that their particular dog does something that doesn’t fall within our handy training guide. […]

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Stop – read this before you feed your dog

Thanks to that Oreo’s advert, we all know that chocolate isn’t good for dogs, but did you know that onions are bad for dogs, too? So bad, in fact, that they can lead to anemia in dogs. But onions aren’t the only thing to look out for – Garlic and corn on the cob can […]

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The Best Dog Training Advice

Last week we asked our readers to share the best dog training advice they’d ever received. First to share with us was Helen Nicks: “The best dog training advice I ever received was to use a ‘Halti’ type collar to stop pulling on the lead. Worked wonders!” Have you been given any great advice? Share […]

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