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How to Potty Train With Dog Doorbells

Teaching a dog to ring a bell to go outside is a great command.  It opens up communication between the dog and owner.  It provides a way for the dog to communicate it’s needs.  Sometimes the dog will ring it to potty and sometimes it’ll ring the bell just to get fresh air. I like […]

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How to Teach Your Dog to “Leave It”

I hate it when I have dog treats on me and a dog keeps nudging me physically for the treat.  Wouldn’t it be swell if there was a command for the dog to “leave it?”  Well, there is and as you probably guessed, it’s called the “Leave It” command. “Leave it” is a very useful […]

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Dog Agility Training – Teaching the Proper Jump

Many people are interested in dog agility training.  However, they don’t know where to start.  Let’s start with how to teach a dog to properly jump.  For the sake of this article, we’ll be using a 24” height dog as an example. If you are going to be doing this from home then you’ll need […]

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Crate Train That Puppy With a Treat!

Crate training has become one of the major fundamentals in training your dog or puppy. From potty training to trick training, the use of a crate can be a major building block and tool to reach successful and reliable behaviors from your canine companion. The crate can be a useful tool and help manage life […]

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One Way to Reduce Dog Fights in Dog Parks

Dog fights in dog parks are very common. I have seen many personally. On rare occasions, dogs have even been killed in dog parks. There are many ways to prevent or lessen the odds of a dog fight. Today, I’ll outline one of the simplest ways. What I am going to write will sound counter […]

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